Day Trips from Dallas/Fort Worth: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler
Deliberative Democracy and its Discontents
More than Petticoats: Remarkable Oregon Women
Ottoman Women Builders: The Architectural Patronage of Hadice Turhan Sultan
Fun with the Family Upstate New York: Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids
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Montana off the Beaten Path: A Guide to Unique Places
Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth
Day Trips from Houston: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler
Day Trips (R) from Seattle: Getaway Ideas For The Local Traveler
Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter: The Remarkable True Story Of American Heroine Ida Lewis
The History of the Devil, as Well Ancient as Modern. in Two Parts. ... the Third Edition.
A Second Volume of the Writings of the Author of the True-Born Englishman. Some Whereof Never Before Printed. Corrected and Enlarged by the Author.
The Compleat English Tradesman. Volume II. in Two Parts. Part I. Directed Chiefly to the More Experienc'd Tradesmen; ... Part II. Being Useful Generals in Trade, ... Volume 2 of 2
A Defence of the History of Infant-Baptism Against the Reflections of Mr. Gale and Others. with an Appendix ... by William Wall, ...
Tutte l'Opere Di Niccol Machiavelli Segretario E Cittadino Fiorentino: ... Volume 1 of 3
The Ashgate Research Companion to Byzantine Hagiography: Volume I: Periods and Places
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D. Dean of St. Patrick's. Dublin. Volume VII. ... Volume 7 of 7
Lady Anne Halkett: Selected Self-Writings
High Performance Mortar with Carbon Fibers
The Dramatic Works of Catherine the Great: Theatre and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Struggling for a Social Europe: Neoliberal Globalization and the Birth of a European Social Movement
The Values of the Consumer Culture
Biodegradable Plastic from Wheat
Historical Sociology on the Paradoxes of News Media
Core-Shell Hybrid Nanostructures from Block Copolymers
Language Learning Through Mobile Phones
Lessons from Dietary Obesity in the Rat
Democracy and the Paradoxes of News Media
Governance of Maritime Zones in Kenya
The History of the Reign of King Charles I. ... Written in French by Monsieur de Larrey, ... Volume 2 of 2
Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: A Concise Guide for Businesses, Innovative and Creative Individuals
The Relationship Between It Governance and Business/It Alignment
The Whole Works of the Right Honourable Duncan Forbes, ... Now First Collected. ... in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
The History of England, from the Death of George the Second to the Peace of 1783.... Designed as a Continuation to Hume and Smollett.... Volume 3 of 3
The Christian World Unmasked. Pray Come and Peep. by John Berridge, ... the Second Edition.
Supplications of Saints; A Book of Prayers and Praises, in Four Parts. ... the 42d Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. by Thomas Sorocold.
The History of England, from the Death of George the Second to the Peace of 1783.... Designed as a Continuation to Hume and Smollett. ... Volume 1 of 3
Healthy Baby Food
A System of Surgery. by Benjamin Bell, ... Illustrated with Copperplates. ... the Fifth Edition. Volume 4 of 6
Terence's Comedys, Translated Into English, with Critical and Explanatory Notes. to Which Is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Life and Writings of Terence, ... Volume 1 of 3
Cri D'Une Honnte Femme Qui Rclame Le Divorce, Conformment Aux Loix de La Primitive Eglise, ... Suivi Des Rflexions Sur L'Intrt Des Enfans Au Divorce.
The Baronettage of England: Being an Historical and Genealogical Account of Baronets, from Their First Institution in the Reign of King James I. ... Volume 2 of 2
Nanomaterials and Architecture
A Qualitative Phenomenological Study of Women in Executive Service
Union, the Strength of a People. Considered in a Sermon, Preach'd in Bartholomew-Close, on May the First, 1707. ... by Thomas Freke.
Infant Baptism Stated and Defended. a Discourse Delivered in the Meeting-House, on the Pavement, Moorfields, London; ... at the Baptism of the Rev. William Bennet's Child: ... by John Horsey,
Narrative of the Last Moments of the Hon. F***. N***. a Convert from Christianity to Infidelity; ... Abridged from the Relation Published by a Personal Witness of the Facts
A Discourse on Sin in Believers. by John Wesley, M.A. the Second Edition.
The Nature of Sound Doctrine, and the Encouragements to Preach It; Represented in a Charge Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. William Harris, ... by Thomas Amory.
Books Printed For, and Sold by John Marshall, at the Sign of the Bible, in Grace-Church Street.
Hooperus Redivivus: Or Paul Preaching at Rome. Being an Exposition of Romans XIII. Intended as a Check to the Seducing and Inflammatory Attempts of Modern Patriotism in Oppostion to Civil Government
A Race for Eternal Life: Being an Extract from the Heavenly Footman. a Sermon on 1 Corinthians, IX. 24. Written by the Author of the Pilgrim's Progress. This Sermon Is Not to Be Sold, But Given Away.
The Chief Obstacles to Benevolence Considered, in a Sermon, Preached December 12th, 1794, at the Charterhouse Chapel, in London, ... by Joseph Jekyll Rye, ...
The Displaced City
Proposals for Printing by Subscription a Compleat Collection of the Sermons, Tracts, and Pieces of All Kinds, That Were Written by the Right Reverend Dr. William Fleetwood, ...
The Druid's Monument, a Tribute to the Memory of Dr. Oliver Goldsmith. by the Author of the Cave of Morar.
A Short Account of Mr. Robert Lloyd, of Mitcham; Who Died Nov. 29, 1760. in a Letter to a Friend.
Hell and Heaven. a Sermon, on Matthew XXIV.46.
Just Published by T. Osborne, in Gray's-Inn, Complete in Eight Volumes in Quarto, the Second Edition of the Harleian Miscellany: ...
ISP's Reliable Network
Atteb I Wr Bonheddig, a Geisiodd Brydyddu Senn, IR Ysbryd a Ddesgynodd AR Rai Gwrandawyr Bywiol Yn Ddiweddar, AC Au Gwnaeth Hwy I Ganu, a Dublu Canu Mawl I Dduw A'r Oen; ... Gan Wiliam Wiliams.
The Voice of the Tinclarian Doctor's Last Trumpet, Sounding for the Downfall of Babylon, and His Last Arrow Shot at Her. ... Written in the 67 Year of His Age, 1737.
Wonderful Escape from Shipwreck. an Account of the Loss of His Majesty's Ship Centaur.
Jesus Christ the True God, and Only Object of Supreme Adoration. by J. Hodson, ... Volume 2 of 2
Philosophical Dissertations on the Greeks. Translated from the French of Mr. de Pauw, ... Volume 1 of 2
Abrg de L'Histoire Ancienne ... Avec Un Discours Sur La Question, Si Les Anciens Grecs Et Les Romains Furent Suprieurs Aux Peuples Modernes.... Volume 2 of 3
A Discourse Concerning the Certainty of a Future and Immortal State. in Some Moral, Physiological, and Religious Considerations. by a Doctor of Physick.
Christ's Famous Titles, and a Believers Golden Chain; Handled in Divers Sermons. Together with a Cabinet of Jewels; ... by William Dyer, ...
The Memoirs of the Town and County of Leicester: Displayed Under an Epitome of the Reign of Each Sovereign in the English History: ... Volume 2 of 6
The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Newly Translated from the Greek: With Notes, and an Account of His Life. Second Edition. Volume 1 of 2
The Visitor. by Several Hands. Published by William Dodd, M.A. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. in Two Volumes. Vol. II. Volume 2 of 2
Memoirs for the History of Madame de Maintenon and of the Last Age. Translated from the French, by the Author of the Female Quixote. in Five Volumes ... Volume 3 of 5
Artificial Intelligence in Space Systems
Major Lower Tertiary Larger Foraminifera of India
The Competitive Landscape in China: A Research Perspective
That Long Winding Road
Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships
Who Killed Leanne Holland?
Book 3 Twentieth Century
Eliza's Kindergarten Pet
The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide: One Month of Manicures, Massages, and Mojitos to Help You Forget About Him
Letters from the Cardinal Borgia, and the Cardinal of York. MDCCXCIX-MDCCC
Starting Out with Orchids
Memoires Pour Servir A L'Histoire Du Jacobinisme; Par Mr. L'Abbe Barruel. ... Volume 2 of 4
Enemy within: A Memoir of Strength, Determination and Acceptance
Memoires Secrets Et Critiques Des Cours, Des Gouvernemens, Et Des Moeurs Des Principaux Etats de L'Italie. Par Joseph Gorani. ... Volume 2 of 3
Essai Sur L'Histoire Du Droit Naturel; ... Volume 1 of 2
Abrege de L'Histoire Moienne Par A.J. Roustan, ... Volume 1 of 3
Walkability of Neighborhoods
Histoire Des Conditions Et de L'Etat Des Personnes En France, Et Dans La Plus Grande Partie de L'Europe. ... Volume 2 of 5
Catalogue Des Rolles Gascons, Normans Et Francois, Conserves Dans Les Archives de La Tour de Londres. ... Volume 1 of 2
Effects of Roundup, Glean, Aatrex, on Periphyton Communities
Management and the Adoption of New Technologies in Retail Banking
Accelerated Change in Fighting Poverty
Spatial Structure of Dhaka City from Sustainability Perspective
The Shelley-Byron Circle and the Idea of Europe
Sex, Violence, and the Avant-Garde: Anarchism in Interwar France
Breaking Bread: Recipes and Stories from Immigrant Kitchens
For Merrie England: A Tale of the Weavers of Norfolk
The UnMasking of Me
Bodhisattva: How to Be Free: Teachings to Guide You Home
Gwen's Everyday Caribbean Recipes
The Way to the Kingdom. a Sermon on Mark I. 15.
Paths to Prayer: A Field Guide to Ten Catholic Traditions
Stop Dieting Now: 25 Reasons to Stop, 25 Ways to Heal
Education for social inclusion: Can we change the future for children in care?
A Short Account of the Death of Samuel Hitchens. by James Hitchens, ...
Unity Among Brethren Explain'd and Recommended. a Sermon Preached Before the Provincial Synod of Angus and Mearns, at Dundee, October 15. 1734. by Thomas Donaldson,
God Manifested in the Flesh: Or, a Letter from a Lady in the Country, Upon the Mysterious Incarnation of God, to a Gentlewoman in Town.
A Form of Prayer to Be Used on Wednesday March 9th, Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast.
An Address to the Clergy of the Church of England in Particular, and to All Christians in General. ... by Francis Wollaston, ... the Second Edition.
A Letter to the Reverend Mr. James Adams at Kinnaird; Occasion'd by His Survey of Professor Campbel's Oration.
Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. by William Wake, ... Volume 2 of 3
Sunday 26, August 1683. a Lecture Preached in the Church of Pasley, by Mr. John Bard, ...
Jesus Christ the True God, and Only Object of Supreme Adoration. by J. Hodson, ... Volume 1 of 2
Terraquea; Or, a New System of Geography and Modern History. by the REV. James Gordon, ... Volume 3 of 4
Terraquea; Or, a New System of Geography and Modern History. by the REV. James Gordon, ... Volume 1. the Second Edition. Volume 1 of 4
The Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence; Or, the Foolishness of Their Teaching, Discover'd from Their Books, Sermons, and Prayers: And Some Remarks on Mr. Rule's Late Vindication of the Kirk.
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.... a New Edition. Volume 8 of 12
The Memoirs of the Town and County of Leicester: Displayed Under an Epitome of the Reign of Each Sovereign in the English History: ... Volume 6 of 6
Discourses on Several Subjects. by William Cooper, ... in Two Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 2
Sermons on Various Subjects, by the Late REV. Richard Warneford, ... Volume 2 of 2
A Trip to the Moon. by Mr. Murtagh MC.Dermot. Containing Some Observations and Reflections, Made by Him During His Stay in That Planet, Upon the Manners of the Inhabitants.
Manual Of Chinese Bibliography - Being A List Of Works Relating To China
An Analysis of the Populations of the Air Force's Medical and Professional Officer Corps
Written on the Water: British Romanticism and the Maritime Empire of Culture
A Second Address to the Free Citizens, and Free-Holders, of the City of Dublin.
A Humble Address to Protestant Dissenters.
Scriptural Qualifications, of Gospel Bishops and Ministers of Christ for Their Promoting of Universal Happiness.
Virtuti Sacellum. a Funeral Poem to the Memory of the Right Honourable John Earl of Dundonald. by E. Settle.
Death and Judgement. a Sermon, on Hebrews IX. 27.
An Answer to Every Man That Asketh a Reason of the Hope That Is in Us. the Second Edition. Written by Joseph Humphreys.
Books Lately Printed for and Sold by J. Walthoe, Junr, Over-Against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill.
A Political Essay Upon the English and French Colonies in Northern and Southern America, Considered in a New Light. by a Patriot.
A Letter to Mr. Eveleigh; In Answer to His, Printed at the End of the Account of the Reasons, &c. by James Peirce.
A Letter Addressed to the People Shewing That a Reform in Parliament, Is Preferable to the Sinecure System.
Smart Foam for Active Vibration and Noise Control
The Struggle Between Gaining Power and Meeting Follower Needs
Rural Urban Disparity in India
Colour Design of Company Logos
A Secure Personal Identification System
Vortex-Induced Motion of Nonlinear Offshore Structures
Impact of Dental Insurance on Adults' Oral Health Care, in Iran
Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies: Series Number 19: Yom Kippur and After: The Soviet Union and the Middle East Crisis
Federico Caffe Lectures: Underdevelopment: A Strategy for Reform
The Counterfeit Christian: Being Aware of the Enemy and Knowing Your True Purpose
Living on the Edge in Suburbia
Cambridge Library Collection - Literary Studies: Goethe the Alchemist: A Study of Alchemical Symbolism in Goethe's Literary and Scientific Works
A Short Account of John Dillon.
Extract of a Letter to a Gentleman in Maryland; Wherein Is Demonstrated the Extreme Wickedness of Tolerating the Slave Trade.
A New Method of Finding Fluents by Continuation. by the Rev. Samuel Vince, ... Read at the Royal Society, July 6, 1786.
The Traveller; Or, a Prospect of Society. by Dr. Goldsmith.
A Short Account of the Death of Elizabeth Hindmarsh, Who Died Sept. 6, 1777; In the Twenty-First Year of Her Age. the Fourth Edition.
Directions How to Keep Horses and Sheep Free from All Manner of Diseases.
The Mysterious Wife. a Novel, in Four Volumes. by Gabrielli. ... Volume 2 of 4
A Sermon, on the Sixth Commandment, Thou Shal't Do No Murder. by the Rev. Edward Nares, ...
The Oracle, an Ode Inscrib'd to the Right Honourable Sir Edward Hawke, ...
Philosophical Dissertations on the Greeks. Translated from the French of Mr. de Pauw, ... Volume 2 of 2
Sermons on Various Subjects. by the Reverend John Garnons, ... Volume 1 of 2
The Select Dialogues of Lucian. to Which Is Added, a New Literal Translation in Latin, with Notes in English. by the Revd. Edward Murphy, ...
The Visitor. by Several Hands. Published by William Dodd, M.A. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. in Two Volumes. Vol. I. Volume 1 of 2
Contradictions; Or, Who Could Have Thought It? a Novel, from the French, in Two Volumes. by John Hemet. ... Volume 1 of 2
An Historical Dictionary of Love. Containing Interesting Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, Eminent for Their Virtues, or Their Vices. ... Translated from the French. ... Volume 2 of 3
An Historical Dictionary of Love. Containing Interesting Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, Eminent for Their Virtues, or Their Vices. ... Translated from the French. ... Volume 1 of 3
Computation and Interpretation of Biological Statistics of Fish Populations
The Entertainer; Containing Great Variety of Instructive Entertainment, for Persons of Every Age, Rank, or Degree. Collected by Charles Tell-Truth. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
Capabilities, Power, and Institutions: Toward a More Critical Development Ethics
Dancing with Devtas: Drums, Power and Possession in the Music of Garhwal, North India
David Franks: Colonial Merchant
Humanitarianism and Modern Culture
Intersecting Inequalities: Women and Social Policy in Peru, 1990-2000
U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era: How to Win America's Wars in the Twenty-First Century
A Sermon, Preached at St. Mary's, Guildford, on Wednesday, March 12, 1800; Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast. by T. H. Kingdon, ...
Act of the Associate Synod, at Edinburgh, April 18. 1754. Containing an Assertion of Some Gospel-Truths; In Opposition to Arminian Errors, Upon the Head of Universal Redemption.
Being and Time: A Revised Edition of the Stambaugh Translation
A Letter to the Dean of Bristol. Occasioned by His New Edition of the Second Volume of His Divine Legation of Moses. by Henry Stebbing, ...
A Letter to the Author of the Defence of the Bishop of Chichester's Sermon Upon King Charles's Martyrdom. the Second Edition.
Five Letters to the Reverend MR F-R, Relative to His Vindication of the Minutes of the Reverend MR John Wesley. Intended Chiefly for the Comfort of Mourning Backsliders, ... by a Friend.
An Address to True Christians on the Signs and Duties of the Times.
A View of the Great Encomiums and Praises, Attributed to Our Holy Mother, the Church of England, ... in a Letter from Gaius Seius, to Lucius Titius, His Friend in the City. ...
Multi Criteria Evaluation (McE) and GIS in Forestry
Divine Hymns, Made on the Most Important Points of Christianity. by the Rev. J. Lacy. the Second Edition.
Constraints to Organized Recycling in Developing Countries
Effects of Music Instruction on Cognitive Abilities of Young Children
An Address, to the Right Reverend the Bishops of the Church of England; With Relation to the Bill of the Dissenters. by a Dissenting Minister.
Benevolence Exclusively an Evangelical Virtue. a Sermon, Preached Before the Governors of Addenbroke's Hospital, ... July 2, 1795. by Thomas Rennell, ... Second Edition.
A True and Demonstrative Way to Union, by the Education of Youth in the Establisht Principles of the Church of England. ... by P. H.
Hell Torments Not Eternal. Argumentatively Proved, from the Attribute of Divine Mercy. by Dr Thomas Burnet, ... the Second Edition.
The Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Asserted and Defended. Being the Substance of a Letter to a Friend. by a Layman of the Church of England.
The Third Page of Mr. Abernethy's Preface to the Defence of His Seasonable Advice, Consider'd. by Samuel Hemphil, ...
Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy
Cries of the Son of God. Being the Substance of Some Discourses Delivered at Kingswood in Gloucestershire. by John Cennick
The A to Z of Modern Greece
The Church Catechism, Briefly Explained by Apt Texts of Scripture; With Prayers, Graces, &c. for the Benefit of Youth.
The Philosophy of the Upanishads
The A to Z of Ancient Egyptian Warfare
The A to Z of the Chinese Civil War
Sporting Dogs - Their Points And Management In Health And Disease
The A to Z of Malaysia
The A to Z of the Republic of Macedonia
The A to Z of the Wars of the French Revolution
The A to Z of Austria
The London-Spy Compleat, in Eighteen-Parts. by the Author of the Trip to Jamaica. Volume 1 of 2
Caniadau, y Rhai Sydd AR y Mor O Wydr, &C. I Frenhin y Saint. Yn Dair Rhan: Pedwarydd Argraphiad, Gyd a Chwanegiad O Hymnau Newyddion Nad Oedd Yn Un O'r Argraphiadau O'r Blaen. Gan W. Wiliams.
Poems Upon Several Occasions. by the Late Mrs. Leapor, ... the Second and Last Volume. Volume 2 of 2
Sermons, Preached in Defence of All Religion, Whether Natural or Revealed, at the French Church in Norwich. by Joseph Nicol Scott. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Life and Extraordinary Adventures, the Perils and Critical Escapes, of Timothy Ginnadrake, That Child of Chequer'd Fortune. in Three Volumes. Volume 2 of 3
The Life and Heroick Actions of Frederick III. King of Prussia. from His Birth to the Present Times. ...
The Tour of Holland, Dutch Brabant, the Austrian Netherlands, and Part of France; In Which Is Included a Description of Paris ...
The Tower: A Poetical Epistle, Inscribed to John Wilkes, Esq.
Messrs. Douglas, Heron, and Company, - - Appellants. John Grant, Esquire, One of the Barons of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Scotland, - Respondent. the Respondent's Case.
Dagrau Yr Awen Neu Farwnad Lewis Hopcin ... A'i Cant, 1772. Iorwerth Gwilim ... A'i Cant, 1772.
A Continuation of the Narrative of Academical Proceedings, Relative to the Proposal for the Establishment of Annual Examinations in the University of Cambridge; ... by the Rev. John Jebb, ...
The Cross of Christ, Considered in a Letter, Addressed to Christians of All Denominations. by John Fawcett, A.M.
Fermented Medicines of Ayurveda
Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Testing of Wimax Antenna
A Letter to the Gentry, Clergy, Freemen and Freeholders, of the City of Dublin.
The Role of Quality Requirements in Software Architecture Design
Electrical Power System Fault Analysis Package
Employee Satisfaction and Work Motivation
A Serious Address to the Parishioners of Great-Cheverel. by James Stonhouse, ... the Second Edition.
Abstract of Two Private Discourses on Mark IX. 23. Published at the Desire of Some of the Hearers. by James Hog Minister of the Gospel at Carnock.
Natural and Civil Events the Instruments of God's Moral Government. a Sermon Preached the Last Public Fast-Day, at Lincoln's-Inn-Chappel. by W. Warburton, ... .
The Patronage of Religion Considered as a Subject Universally Important. a Sermon, Preached at Salters-Hall, April 13th, 1785, Before the Correspondent Board in London of the Society in Scotland
An Earnest and Affectionate Address to the People Called Methodists. the Second Edition Corrected.
Sunday Reading. Cottage Prayers. Being Intended as a Second Part to the Shropshire Rector, &c.
The Experiences of Children with Disabilities in Therapeutic Riding
From West Street to Pixley Kaseme Street
A Sermon Preach'd at Ely-House Chapel in Holbourn; On Thursday June 7, 1716. ... by ... William, Lord Bishop of Ely. the Third Edition.
Visions of the Future in the Writings of Stanis Aw LEM: Volume 2
To the Respectable Corporation of Trinity College, Cambridge, This Letter Is Addressed with All Due Humility, by Their Obedient Servant, an Undergraduate.
Managing International Growth Risks of Finnish Construction Industry
Urban Road Traffic and Climate Change
Mental Health Services in India
Practical Plans for Difficult Conversations in Medicine: Strategies That Work in Breaking Bad News
Books, Printed by and for James Hoey, Junior.
A Rich Bioethics: Public Policy, Biotechnology, and the Kass Council
Taking Charge of Your Health: A Guide to Getting the Best Health Care as You Age
Rome: A Living Portrait of an Ancient City
Emerging Technologies in Distance Education
Flora Zambesiaca Volume 13, Part 4: Xyridaceae, Eriocaulaceae, Typhaceae, Restionaceae, Flagellariaceae,Juncaceae, Musaceae, Strelitziaceae, Costaceae, Zingiberaceae, Cannaceae, Marantaceae
Campana Brothers: Complete Works (So Far)
Divine Paraphrases.
An Address to Young Persons After Confirmation, by Richard Watson, ... the Fourth Edition
A Letter to the Revd. J. Walker, ... on His Sermon Preached on Sunday, July the 20th. at the Penitentiary Chapel, Dorset-Street, ... by Johannes Clericus.
A Candid Vindication of the Secession Church, Respecting Her Principles Concerning the Essential Properties of Christ's Kingdom; - ... in a Letter to a Clergyman, by the Rev. W. Graham, Newcastle.
The Knowledge of Salvation Precious in the Hour of Death, Proved in a Sermon, Preached January 4, 1759, Upon the Death of the Rev. Mr. James Hervey, ... by W. Romaine, ... the Eighth Edition.
A Pastoral Letter from a Minister to His Parishioners; Being an Earnest Exhortation to Them, to Take Care of Their Souls; ... the Ninth Edition.
A Sermon, Preached at Ludlow, at the Visitation of ... Lord James Beauclerc, ... in the Year, 1774. by the Reverend George Butt, ...
Preventing and Detecting Employee Theft and Embezzlement: A Practical Guide
The Family Therapy Progress Notes Planner
God, the Only Object of Religious Worship. in Answer to a Letter from a Romish Priest, Relating to the Worship and Invocation of Angels. by a Country Clergyman.
Fables in Verse. by T. Mozeen. ... Volume 1 of 2
Practical Discourses on the Offices of Baptism, Confirmation, and Matrimony, as Prescribed in the Liturgy of the Church of England. ... Volume the Sixth, in Three Parts. ... by Matthew Hole,
The History of Sir Charles Grandison. in a Series of Letters Published from the Originals, by the Editor of Pamela and Clarissa. in Seven Volumes. ... the Third Edition. Volume 7 of 7
The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Translated Into English, with Notes Historical and Critical, and Arguments to Each, by the Translator. in Two Volumes. Volume 1 of 2
Terraquea; Or, a New System of Geography and Modern History. by the REV. James Gordon, ... Volume 2 of 4
Abrg de L'Histoire Ancienne ... Avec Un Discours Sur La Question, Si Les Anciens Grecs Et Les Romains Furent Suprieurs Aux Peuples Modernes.... Volume 1 of 3
Dictionarium Saxonico Et Gothico-Latinum. Auctore Eduardo Lye, ... Accedunt Fragmenta Versionis Ulphilan], Necnon Opuscula Qu]dam Anglo-Saxonica. ... Volume 1 of 2
An Historical Dictionary of Love. Containing Interesting Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, Eminent for Their Virtues, or Their Vices. ... Translated from the French. ... Volume 3 of 3
The Duke of Clarence. an Historical Novel. in Four Volumes. by E. M. F. ... Volume 3 of 4
Titi Lucreti Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex 2 Volume Paperback Set Titi Lucreti Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex: Volume 1
Marginalized Communities and Access to Justice
The Northern Rebellion of 1569: Faith, Politics and Protest in Elizabethan England
Cognitive Bases of Second Language Fluency
Poems on Several Occasions. in Two Volumes. by Mr. Joseph Mitchell. ... Volume 1 of 2
Care in Practice: On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms
Cicero, De Natura Deorum Libri Tres 3 Volume Paperback Set Cicero, De Natura Deorum Libri Tres: Volume 2
Lost Souls: Stories
Fairfield Porter Raw: The Creative Process of an American Master
C. Cornelii Taciti Opera Recognovit, Emendavit, Supplementis Explevit, Notis, Dissertationibus, Tabulis Geographicis Illustravit Gabriel Brotier. ... Volume 3 of 4
Relationship Between the Church and State and Church and Culture
Power from Within: Voices of Jamaican Female Leaders
A Biblical Evaluation of the Avenging Spirits (Ngozi)
Risk Behaviors of African Born Adolescents in United States of America
Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Supplements for Australia and New Zealand
The Quest for Justice
Finance Budget Statement (House of Commons Debate): Volume 512 #20
God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World and Why Their Differences Matter
Finance Budget Statement (House of Commons Debate): Volume 512 #19
Optimum Nutrition For Your Child: How to boost your child's health, behaviour and IQ
Booze Cakes
No-One Loves a Policeman
National Security Cultures: Patterns of Global Governance
The Other's War: Recognition and the Violence of Ethics
Endocrine Psychiatry: Solving the Riddle of Melancholia
Dispositivos Electrnicos y Fotnicos. Fundamentos
Historia Litteraria: Or, an Exact and Early Account of the Most Valuable Books Published in the Several Part of Europe. ... with a Compleat Alphabetical Index. Volume 2 of 4
Think Success: A Collection of Writings on Success and Achievement Through Positive Thinking
Magic Mirror: A Compendium of Comics 1983-1998
Evidence, Explanation, and Realism: Essays in Philosophy of Science
The A B C with the Shorter Catechism, Appointed by the General Assembly, to Be a Directory for Catechising. to Which Is Added ... Questions for Children ...
A Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of Whickham, on Sunday, May 11th, 1800. by John Barnet, Curate.
A Sermon, Preach'd in the Trone Church of Glasgow, on Thursday the 28th of May, M.DCC.XIX. Being the Anniversary of the Birth of His Majesty King George. by John Anderson, ...
A DRAM for Drunkards. a Funeral Sermon, on the Terrible Death of James Buchanan and Robert Porter, Who Killed Themselves by Drinking Whiskey. Preached ... Sept. 30, 1759. by William Henry, ...
A Sermon Preached at Mid-Calder, on Thursday, January 14th, 1720. Being a Congregational Fast in That Place. by Mr. John Wilkie ...
A History of Scottish Philosophy
Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Tasksheet Manual for NATEF Proficiency
The Poor Man's Friend; Or, a Farmer's Meditations on Religion and Morals: From Particular Passages of the Old and New Testament. the Second Edition. by a Well-Wisher to His King and Country.
History, Education, and the Schools
A Real Van Gogh: How the Art World Struggles with Truth
Memoires Pour Servir A L'Histoire Du Jacobinisme; Par Mr. L'Abbe Barruel. ... Volume 1 of 4
The Pioneers of Massachusetts, a Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns, and Churches, and Other Contemporaneous Documents
In Search Of A Unicorn: OR Dismounting from a Three-Horned Dilemma
Wisdom of the Heart: The Teachings of Rabbi Ya'akov of Izbica-Radzyn
Collection Academique, Tiree Des Auteurs Francois Le Peus Renommes, En Prose Et En Vers. A L'Usage Des Ecoles, Et Des Amateurs de La Langue Francoise. Par A. Scot, ...
Mighty Subjects: The Dunbar Earls in Scotland 1072- 1289
Cambridge Library Collection - Classics: A Short History of Greek Mathematics
Ottomans into Europeans: State and Institution-building in South Eastern Europe
Chemistry of Nanocarbons
Ocean Currents
PP0526 Leadership in Asia-Pacific : Readings and Research
The Poetical Works of Wm. Falconer. with the Life of the Author. Cooke's Edition. Embellished with Superb Engravings
An Essay Upon the Education of Youth in Grammar-Schools. ... by John Clarke, ... the Third Edition. with Very Large Additions
Sermons on Various Subjects. by Edward Pye Waters,
The Art of Rhetoric Made Easy: Or, the Elements of Oratory Briefly Stated, and Fitted for the Practice of the Studious Youth of Great-Britain and Ireland: In Two Books. ... by John Holmes,
The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea-Fishing: With the Natural History of River, Pond, and Sea-Fish. Illustrated with 133 Cutts
Addenda to Anecdotes, &c. Antient and Modern. with Observations. by James Pettit Andrews,
Observations on the Nature of Demonstrative Evidence; With an Explanation of Certain Difficulties Occurring in the Elements of Geometry: And Reflections on Language. by Thomas Beddoes
An Essay on Virtue and Harmony, Wherein a Reconciliation of the Various Accounts of Moral Obligation Is Attempted. by William Jameson,
A l'Anonyme, Auteur Du Soi-Disant V ritable tat de la Question de la Promesse de Fid lit , l'Abb Barruel.
All Swearing Prohibited Under the Gospel. by Joseph Phipps.
Variety of Capitals, Freezes, and Corniches, and How to Increase or Decrease Them, ... Likewise 12 Designs for Chimney Pieces, ... 12 Plates, Published ... in the Year 1776...
The Orphan Boy. by J. Bisset. ...
The Speech of the Right Honourable A-R O-W, Esq; S---R of the Hon---Ble H--Se of C----NS; At the Bar of the H--Se of P---RS, Upon Presenting the Money- B--Ls to His M-----Y, April 29, 1739.
Reasons Why the People Called Quakers Do Not Pay Tythes.
A Discourse Delivered at the Consecration of the Right Rev. John Douglass, ... in the Chapel of Lullworth Castle, on Sunday, 19th of December, 1790. by the Rev. Charles Plowden.
A Retrospect Of The Religious Life Of England; Or, The Church, Puritanism, And Free Inquiry
Historia Litteraria: Or, an Exact and Early Account of the Most Valuable Books Published in the Several Part of Europe. ... with a Compleat Alphabetical Index. Volume 3 of 4
Rising States, Rising Institutions: Challenges for Global Governance
A History of Livermore Maine
Additions To The Games Of Argyleshire (Folklore History Series)
Designing Universal Knowledge
Learning Driving Patterns
The Psalms, Hymns, Prayers, Graces, and Dulce Domum, Used by the Scholars of Winchester College. Revised and Corrected.
Libertas. a Poem. by the Reverend James Glass, A.M.
The State of Rome, Under Nero and Domitian: A Satire. Containing, a List of Nobles, Senators, High Priests, Great Ministers of State, &C. &C. &C. by Messrs. Juvenal and Persius.
A Second Dialogue of the Dead: Between Ferdinand Cortez and William Penn. to Which Is Added, a Scheme, for the Abolition of Slavery, Without Injury to Trade and Navigation.
A Bill for Erecting and Building a New Chapel in the Town of Wolverhampton, in the County of Stafford.
Luzara. a Pindarique Ode, on Prince Eugenius of Savoy: And His Late Victory Over the French and Spaniards, in Italy. Most Humbly Dedicated, to His Grace, the Duke of Somerset.
Conscience Personified, an Allegorical Sketch: And the Pet Lamb, an Elegy. by James Cawdell, Comedian.
What's That to Thee? and Mind Your Own Business. a Sermon Preach'd in London, June the 20th, 1708. Concerning an Overcurious and Inquisitive Intermeddling with the Concerns of Others: ...
An Inquiry Into the Effects of Spirituous Liquors Upon the Human Body, and Their Influence Upon the Happiness of Society. by Benjamin Rush, ...
The Taking of Libbie, SD
A Private Advice, Formerly Sold at the Temple of Hymen, by the Doctor Himself, for One Guinea.
A Diary of the Weather, During the Year 1786: Accurately Observed by a Gardener, Twenty Miles East from London.
A Description of the Two Albinos of Europe, (One 21, the Other 24 Years of Age) Extracted from M. Sassure's Journey to the Alps, in the Year 1785, and Now Published in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Alexander's Feast: Or, the Power of Musick. Written by Mr. Dryden. to Which Is Added, the Coronation Anthems. as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Set to Musick by Mr. Handel.
L'Hommage Du Sentiment, Suivi D'Une Fable Sur Le Retablissement de La Sante Du Roi. Par Mr. M. D. L. C.
Transubstantiation, and the Real Presence Briefly Examined. to Which Is Added the Faith Held at Present by Most Romans in Ireland, with a Short Account of the Author. by Lucius MacNamara, ...
An Elegy on Marie Antoinette, of Austria, CI-Devant Queen of France: With a Poem on the Last Interview Between the King of Poland and Loraski. Written by Ann Yearsley.
True Patriotism: An Apostrophe, Inspired by the Public Loss Experienced in the Death of Sir James Tylney Long, Burt. ...
Individuelle Mehrsprachigkeit
RFID Handbook: Fundamentals and Applications in Contactless Smart Cards, Radio Frequency Identification and Near-Field Communication
A True Narrative of Facts, Supported by Written Evidence, and a General Appeal to All Persons Concerned, and to All Candid and Dispassionate Judges, with Observations to Illustrate Them.
Essstorungen Im Leistungssport
When London Was Capital of America
Thromboses Veineuses Profondes En Medecine Generale
Verhalten Der Eu Gegenuber Den Akp-Staaten, Das
Optimisation Energetique D'Un Systeme Pile a Combustible Embarque
An Ode on the Present War with Spain.
Discours Ideologique Et Manipulation Des Representations Cognitives
Growth and Value Creation in Asset Management
Elegy to the Memory of the REV. William Mason.
Observations on the Earliest Introduction of Clocks: By the Honourable Daines Barrington. in a Letter to the Honourable Mr. Justice Blackstone. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Dec.17, 1778.
An Address and Queries to the Public, Relative to the Compiling a Complete Civil and Ecclesiastical History of ... the County Palantine of Durham.
A Sermon Preached on the XXX of January 1703. by MR: Robert Caddel.
Verses at the Last Publick Commencement at Cambridge. Written and Spoken by Mr. Eusden. the Second Edition.
Dorchester: A Poem. by William Gawler.
Conjectures Upon the Nature and Motion of Meteors, Which Are Above the Atmosphere. by Thomas Clap, A.M. Late President of Yale-College.
The Case of the REV. C. Le Grice.
Continuity and Change in an English Village
A Letter from an English Prisoner of War, to His Friend, a Seaman in the British Navy.
The Phoenix. Or, a New Scheme for Establishing Credit, ... and Intirely Free from All Objections Made to the Former Intended Bank. by John Irwin, Esq;
Synthesis and Polymerization Kinetics of Emulsion Polymers
Sustainable Urban Form, Accessibility and Travel
Effective Network Complexity
All Desert Roads
Understanding Curriculum in Higher Education
A New Benthic Profiling System (Bps) for Sediment Profile Imaging
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century
African Americans in Georgia: A Reflection of Politics and Policy in the New South
Georgia Speculation Unveiled, Second Part. Containing the Third and Fourth Numbers; With a Conclusion, Addressed to the Northern Purchasers. by Abraham Bishop
Empire and Globalisation: Networks of People, Goods and Capital in the British World, c.1850-1914
Hell-Gates Open to All Men: Or, an Invitation to Persons of Every Age, Sex and Quality, to a Residence in the Infernal Regions. by Lucifer. Illustrated with Various Diverting Stories
The True Method of Dieting Horses. ... by W. Gibson
An Essay Upon the Usefulness of Revelation, Notwithstanding the Greatest Excellence of Human Reason. in Eight Discourses. by Christopher Robinson, M.a
A Paraphrase on a Select Number of the Psalms of David; Done from the Latin of Buchanan. to Which Are Added, Some Occasional Pieces. by James Fanch
Some Account of the Life and Religious Exercises of Mary Neale, Formerly Mary Peisley. Principally Compiled from Her Own Writings. Second Edition
Thoughts on the Commencement of a New Parliament. with an Appendix, Containing Remarks on the Letter of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, on the Revolution in France. by Joseph Towers,
Seminole Voices: Reflections on Their Changing Society, 1970-2000
The Imagined Moment: Time, Narrative, and Computation
The Ruins of a Temple, a Poem. by the REV. Joseph Jefferson. to Which Is Prefixed, an Account ... with an Appendix, ...
A Sermon Preach'd at St. Bartholomew's Church, Before the Governors and Stewards of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. July 26, 1733. by George Watts, ...
The Imminent Danger, and the Only Sure Resource of This Nation: A Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary Woolnoth, ... on Friday the 28th of February 1794, ... by John Newton, ...
Electra. a Tragedy. as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. Written by Mr. Theobald.
Albion Restored, or Time Turned Oculist: A Masque.
The Triumph of Peace, a Masque. Perform'd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. on Occasion of the General Peace, Concluded at AIX La Chapelle, October 7th, 1748. Written by R. Dodsley. ...
A Sermon, Preached at the Cathedral Church, and St. Andrew's, in Norwich, on Tuesday January 30, 1738. ... by Robert Leeke, ...
A Test of Roman Catholic Liberality, Submitted to the Consideration of Both Roman Catholicks and Protestants. by a Citizen of London-Derry
A Comparison Between the Doctrines Taught by the Clergy of the Church of England, and the Doctrines Taught by Whitefield, Seagrave, and Others;
Christianity the Only True Comfort for Troubled Minds. a Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen in Her Chapel Royal at St. James's. Sunday November the 3D 1706. by George Stanhope,
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen at St. James's, on Munday [sic] January 31. 1703/4. Being the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles the First. by Thomas Sherlock,
The Happy State of Good Men After Death. a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Late Reverend Joshua Oldfield, D.D. Preached in Southwark, Nov. 23d, 1729. by Obh. Hughes, D.D.
The Honour, Happiness, and Safety of Union. Or, a Sermon Upon the Uniting England and Scotland, Preach'd at ... St. James Clerkenwel, May 1. 1707. by D. Pead,
The Gift and Office of the Holy Ghost. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in Little Sommerford, in Wiltshire, in the Year 1740. by John Cennick. the Fifth Edition
Mr. Bowman's Sermon, Preach'd at Wakefield, in Yorkshire, Versify'd. ... by Christopher Crambo, Esq
Reasons for Laying Some Restraint on the Licentiousness of the Pulpit. with a Few Short Reflections on the Present State of Affairs. in a Letter to a Member of Parliament
A Sermon Preach'd June 28. 1691. at Saint Giles's in the Fields. by John Sharp,
The Country Clergyman's Advice to His Parishioners, Explaining What They Are to Believe, and Do, in Order to Be Saved. Addressed Chiefly to Those Who Are of the Younger Sort
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Cleveland, at the Visitation Held in the Year MDCCLII. by Francis Blackburne,
Strategy Creation in a Restructuring Environment
The Sloth Bear: Ecology, Conflict and Conservation
Christ's Favour to Little Children, Open'd and Improv'd: In a Sermon Preach'd at the Publick Baptizing of a Child in London, March 6. 1712/13. by Matthew Henry,
Hari Bol: Evolution and Genesis of Funeral Music in Postcolonial Bengal
A Sermon Preach'd at the Cathedral-Church of Worcester, at the Assizes Held There August the 21st, 1720. by Walter Jones,
System Components for Video on Demand
Place Marketing Techniques to Attract New Residents to a City
Diseases And Injuries Of The Eye - Their Medical And Surgical Treatment
The Book-Hunter Etc.
Highlander Legends - Two Volumes In One
A Practical Guide To The Climates And Weather Of India, Ceylon And Burmah And The Storms Of Indian Seas - Based Chiefly On The Publications Of The Indian Meteorological Department
German Atrocities - An Official Investigation.
The Maintenance Of Health - A Medical Work For Lay Readers
A Practical Introduction To Latin Prose Composition.
The Grouler: Or, Diogenes Robb'd of His Tub.
A Thanksgiving Sermon, Occasion'd by the Glorious News of the Reduction of the Havannah. by the Revd. Mr. Joseph Treat. [One Line of Scripture Text].
Questions Proposed to Mr. Samuel Wilton, by Francis Spilsbury, with the Confession of Faith, and Answers Returned
A New-Years-Gift: Being a Sermon Preach'd on New-Year's-Day, at a Wedding at Malden in Essex. Shewing the Scarcity and Excellency of Vertuous Women. by J. Colby, A.M.
William Harris, Alias Harries, Late Merchant in Ayr, Now Prisoner in the Tollbooth of Edinburgh, You Are Indicted and Accused ...
Books Printed A[nd Sold by T. Sowle, ] in White-Hart[-Court in Gracious-]Street, 1702.
An Oration, Delivered at Manchester, on the 17th Day of August, 1795: In Commemoration of Bennington Battle, Fought on the 16th Day of August, 1777. by Timothy Todd.
A Short Account of the Death of Thomas Hitchens. by James Hitchens, ...
Rules and Directions for Fellowship-Meetings. by the Reverend MR John Hepburn, ... to Which Is Annexed, an Act of the Associate Presbytery, Concerning Fellowship-Meetings.
Fullers Non-Recantation to the Jacobites: Or, a Plain Proof to the Nation That the Pretended P. of Wales Is an Imposter. by William Fuller, Gent.
Lenore. Ein Gedicht Von Gottfried August Burger.
An Account of the Discovery of the Body of King John, in the Cathedral Church of Worcester, July 17th, 1797, ... by Valentine Green, ...
Repentance. a Sermon, on Mark VI. 12.
To the Queen This Book of Etchings, from Papers Cut by the Right Honourable Lady Templeton, in the Collection of Her Majesty Is ... Dedicated by ... P.W. Tomkins.
Elegy, on the Late Unfortunate Riots Which Happened in Bristol, Respecting the Bridge Tolls; Particularizing the Deaths Which Were Occasioned on Monday, September 30, 1793, ...
The Poetical Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Now First Collected in One Volume
Twenty-Two Sermons on the Most Interesting and Important Subjects; Relative to the Christian Faith and Practice. by Lawrence Holden,
A Collection of Songs, Selected from the Works of Mr. Dibdin. Second Edition
A General View of Sweden: Containing, Besides a Geographical Description of the Country, an Account of Its Constitution, Religion, ... Together with the Manners and Customs of Its Inhabitants,
Christ's Famous Titles, and a Believer's Golden Chain, Handled in Diverse Sermons. Together with His Cabinet of Jewels; ... by the Reverend William Dyer,
Parsing Lessons for Young Children: Resolved Into Their Elements, for the Assistance of Parents and Teachers. by Mrs. Lovechild
Verilog Hdl
Genitivattribute vs. Complement de Nom Im Franzosischen Und Deutschen
The Eu Natural Gas Supply and the Possible Russian Shortage
Interactions Entre Deux Especes Aquatiques Envahissantes
Geschichte ALS Kulisse?
Alternative Conceptualization of Empowerment
Internationale Markteintrittsstrategien Junger Kibs-Unternehmen
Self Improvement Through a New Approach to Evolution
Divine Interventions ... Messages of Hope
The Red Scarf and Other Stories
Guns of Providence
Old Dalbeattie and Palnackie
Aus Dem Schmerz Von Gestern Wchst Die Kraft Fr Morgen
Passionate Pursuit of Purity
The Tor
Harper's Camping And Scouting - An Outdoor Guide For American Boys.
Bradbury's Eaton's Practical Arithmetic - Combining Oral And Written Exercises
British Oribatidae - Vol. II.
Reliques Of Ancient English Poetry, Consisting Of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, And Other Pieces Of Our Earlier Poets, Together With Some Few Of Later Date - Vol. II
A History Of England Under The Duke Of Buckingham And Charles I. 1624-1628. Vol. II.
Italian Alps - Sketches In The Mountains Of Ticino, Lombardy, The Trentino, And Venetia
In The Days Of Thy Youth - Sermons On Practical Subjects, Preached At Marlborough College, From 1871 To 1876
A Prospect of Death: A Pindarique Essay. Written by the Right Honourable the Earl of Roscommon.
Thalia Lacrimans. a Funeral Poem to the Memory of the Right Honourable Baptist Earl of Gainsborough. by E. Settle.
The Broad and the Narrow Way. a Sermon, on Matthew VII. 13,14.
Result of Calculations of the Observations Made at Various Places of the Eclipse of the Sun, Which Happened on June 3, 1788. by the Rev. Joseph Piazzi, ... from the Philosophical Transactions.
Batchelors-Hall. a Poem. by George Webb, ...
Jugement de la R publique Fran oise Par Un Citoyen Ignorant.
R ponse de M. l'Abb Barruel. a Une Lettre de M. l'Abb Lambert Imprim e Londres En Date Du 22 Juillet.
The Tinklarian Doctor's Fifteenth Epistle. Which Is One Above St. Paul's, He Had But Fourteen; The Reason I Give My Self This Name Is, Because I Am a Tinklar, and Mends Old Pots, and Old Pans. ...
A Sermon Against Self-Murder. Preach'd at St. Giles's Church in the Fields, ... September 19, 1708. by Tho. Knaggs,
Love of Our Country. a Sermon, Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, March 17th, 1756, Being the Anniversary Festival of St. Patrick; ... by William Henry, ...
What My Golden Retriever Taught Me about God
Haman and Mordecai. a Fast-Sermon, Preach'd in the Parish Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, by London-Bridge, on Friday, April 4. 1701. ... by Richard Holland,
A Sermon, Delivered on the Day of Annual Thanksgiving, November 20, 1794. by John Eliot, A.M. Pastor of the New-North Church, in Boston
An Teagask Creestye, Agus Paidreagha Na Mainne Agus an Tranona.
The Danger of Excesses in the Pursuit of Liberty. a Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Monday, January 31. 1736-7. ... by George Fothergill, ... the Second Edition.
A Sermon Preach'd at the Coronation of Queen Anne, in the Abby-Church of Westminster, April XXIII. MDCCII. by ... John Lord Archbishop of York. ... the Fourth Edition
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Societies for the Reformation of Manners, at Salters-Hall, on Monday July the 2d, 1716. by Jeremiah Hunt
A Sermon Occasion'd by the Happy Accession of King George to the Throne of Great Britain, &c. by Strickland Gough,
Of God's Mercies: An Abstract from Holy Scripture: With Some Occasional Remarks. by a Lay-Man
A Description of the Diocese of Norwich: Or, the Present State of Norfolk and Suffolk.
Sermons on Important and Interesting Subjects. by Percival Stockdale
The Deportment of a Married Life: Laid Down in a Series of Letters, Written by the Honourable E----- S-----, ... to a Young Lady,
The Ladies Friend, from the French of Monsieur de Gravines
A Second Warning to the World, by the Spirit of Prophecy. in an Explanation of the Mysteries in the Feast of Trumpets on the First Day of the Seventh Month. ... by the Rev. Mr. Clarke,
Examen Critique de la Seconde Partie de la Confession de Foi Du Vicaire Savoyard. Par M. A. J. R. ...
A Candid and Impartial Reply to the Rev. Dr. Priestley's Letters, Addressed by Him to the Members of the New Jerusalem. in Which His Objections Are Fairly Considered, ... by J. Proud,
The Commercial Restraints of Ireland Considered. in a Series of Letters to a Noble Lord. Containing an Historical Account of the Affairs of That Kingdom, So Far as They Relate to This Subject
Utopian Dreams And Lotus Leaves.
The Standard French Primer.
A Book Of Worthies - Gathered From The Old Histories And Now Written Anew.
William Lloyd Garrison And His Times - Or, Sketches Of The Anti-Slavery Movement In America And Of The Man Who Was Its Founder And Moral Leader
A Catechism For The Harmonium - Including Theoretical And Practical Information Relative To The Various Species And Different Sizes Of Harmoniums And The Capabilities Of Each
History of Lancaster County, to Which Is Prefixed a Brief Sketch of the Early History of Pennsylvania
The Jesuit's Letter to Dr. Snape.
Lord Elliock Reporter. June 26. 1766. Information for Colin Campbell of Kilberry, Esq; Defender, Against James Macharg of Keirs, and Quintin and Isabe
Send Out Your Spirit: A Confirmation Candidate's Handbook for Faith: Candidate Handbook
Abstract of the REV. John Hulse's Will, Dated the 21st of July, 1777, Respecting His Donations to the University of Cambridge.
Songs, &C. in the New Entertainment of Penmaenmawr; Or, the Wonders of Wales. with Descriptive Illustrations of the Story, Scenery, &C. Sadlers's Wells.
Wheels Around Kirkcaldy and East Fife
Starting With Murder
Basics of Missile Guidance and Space Techniques, Vol. 1
The Dragon Variation
The Healing Power of Energised Water: The New Science of Potentizing the World's Most Vital Resource
A Family Flight - Over Egypt And Syria
Analyzing Iran's Foreign Policy
The Lord's Prayer In Five Hundred Languages - Comprising The Leading Languages And Their Principal Dialects Throughout The World With The Places Where Spoken
On Collocational Restrictions
Identifying Genes That Encode App Metabolism Modulators
Easy Hikes Close to Home: Chicago: Including the Collar Counties and Northwest Indiana
Measurement of Cutting Tool Condition by Surface Texture Analysis
Grooming and Etiquette for Corporate Men and Women
Written Orders
Cigarette Smoking and Nursing Home Utilization in the United States
Effectiveness of Infeciton Control Education Program
Herbal Medicine - Science Embraces Tradition
Subjective Experience Gathering Techniques for Interaction Design
Local Government Matters
The Violence Continuum
It in Libraries
Pilgrimage: The English Experience from Becket to Bunyan
Studies in the Social History of China and South-East Asia: Essays in Memory of Victor Purcell
Cambridge Library Collection - Astronomy: The Recent Progress of Astronomy: Especially in the United States
L. Annaei Senecae Tragoediae 2 Volume Paperback Set L. Annaei Senecae Tragoediae: Volume 1: Observationes Criticas Continens
Cambridge Library Collection - Classics: Gallus: Or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus
Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 2: Essays on America's Civil War
Cambridge Library Collection - Astronomy: Star-Land: Being Talks with Young People about the Wonders of the Heavens
The The Diary and Journal of David Brainerd 2 Volume Paperback Set The Diary of David Brainerd: Volume 1
Possessive Reflexives and Pronominals in Hindi-Urdu and Isl
Instructing Guided Reading in South Africa
Structural Stability as the Core of Rene Thom's Philosophy
London's Calling
Drama and Theatre Strategies for Eld Students
A Collection of Poet Pennicuicke's Satires on Kirkmen, &c. Rome's Legacy to the Kirk of Scotland. a Satire on the Stool of Repentance. ... at the Desire of Several Gentlemen ...
Regeneration, or the New Birth. a Sermon, on John III.3.
Prophecies of the Reverend Christopher Love: And His Last Words on the Scaffold. Who Was Beheaded at Tower-Hill, London, the 22d Day of August, 1651.
Patie and Roger: A Pastoral Inscribed to Josiah Burchet ...
An Essay to Prove the Credibility of the Gospel, from the Doctrine of the Efficacy of Christ's Death for the Redemption of the World.
Immersive Ideals / Critical Distances
Delphine Gay, Mme de Girardin, Le Vicomte de Launay
Verses to the Right Honourable John Wilkes, Lord Mayor. by W. Sharp, Junior.
Constructing Kaliningrad's Identity
Seagrass Restoration
Reading Academic English in Norwegian Higher Education
Academic Scientific Workshops
Locating Whiteness in Western Sydney: Theory, Pedagogy, Identity
Making Sense of Cscw: A Taxonomy of Terminology
The Introduction to the Carmen Seculare.
Hill Tribes Struggling for a Land Deal
Modelling and Object Oriented Implementation of Iec 61850
A Sermon Occasion'd by the Death of the Reverend Mr. Josiah Hargreaves, Who Suddenly Departed This Life, January 27, 1739-40. tat. 68. Preached at St. Ives, ... January 30, ... by Evan Jones, ...
Seasonable Advice in Quarrelsome Times. a Sermon Preach'd in the Parish Church of St. Edmund the King, on Wednesday March 15. 1709. Being the Fast-Day. by Thomas Lynford,
An Abstract or Abridgment, of a Decree Made, and Often Confirmed in the High Court of Chancery, Concerning the Payment of a Tyth or 10th. Part of Lead-Oar [sic] in the County of Derby.
A Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Oxford at St Mary's on Act-Sunday, July the 9th 1721. by John Rogers
The Importance of Religion to Civil Societies. a Sermon Preached at St. Mary's in Oxford, at the Assizes: ... and Before the University; On Thursday, March 6th. 1734-35. by George Fothergill,
An Explication of the Church-Catechism, by Way of Question and Answer. Divided Into Eight Sections. by Thomas Bate, ... the Fifth Edition
Noun Phrase Morphemes and Topic Development in L2 Mandarin Chinese
What about the Locals?
Exploring Teachers' Experiences in Curriculum Implementation in China
Classification Algorithms for Graphs, Digraphs, and Linear Spaces
Tackling a Legendary Scientific Mystery
One War, Two Televised Worlds
Using Hyperlinked Scaffolding to Support Student Work
Melody Detection in Polyphonic Audio
Inside the Black Box
This is Enlightenment
The Aging Consumer: Perspectives From Psychology and Economics
L'Allegro, and Il Penseroso. the Author John Milton.
Environmental and Natural Resources Economics: Theory, Policy, and the Sustainable Society
A Compendious Herbal. or the Names of Most of the Physical Herbs, Trees, and Fruits. in English and Welch. ...
Information for John Grieve, Servant to Doctor George Grieve, ... Pursuer, Against John Williamson ... Defender
A Catalogue of Modern Books on Architecture, Theoretical, Practical, and Ornamental ... Which, ... Are Constantly on Sale at J. Taylor's Architectural Library, No.59 High Holborn, London. ...
Mad Tom; Or, the Bard of Bath.
Four Select Poems. Never Before Printed. by John Hoy, Junior.
Spiritual Science - Here And Hereafter - A Study Of Spiritual Philosophy And Its Practical Application To The Every-Day Of Life
The Squatter And The Don - A Novel Descriptive Of Contemporary Occurrences In California.
The Mythology Of Greece And Rome, Presented With Special Reference To Its Influence On Literature
Words; Their Use And Abuse
The Eucharist, Prov'd to Be Material Sacrifice, ... in a Sermon Preach'd at Layham in Suffolk, on Good Friday, April the 8th, 1748. by Samuel Hardy,
The Worthies Of Cumberland
The New Physics. A Manual Of Experimental Study For High Schools And Preparatory Schools For College
Strategies for Achieving Sustained High Economic Growth: The Case of Indian States
The Poet At The Breakfast-Table - He Talks With His Fellow-Boarders And The Reader
Extravagant Abjection: Blackness, Power, and Sexuality in the African American Literary Imagination
America's First Network TV Censor: The Work of NBC's Stockton Helffrich
Books Printed for Tho. Astley, at the Rose Over Against the North Door of St. Paul's, London. 1733.
A Scheme for Establishing County Poor-Houses, in the Kingdom of Ireland. Published by Order of the Dublin Society. the Second Edition.
On the Immensity of the Supreme Being. a Poetical Essay. by Christopher Smart, ... the Third Edition.
On the Eternity of the Supreme Being. a Poetical Essay. by Christopher Smart, ... the Second Edition.
A Second Warning to America. by Elam Potter, M.A. Minister of the Gospel. [three Lines of Scripture Text].
Redemption. a Sermon, on Ephesians I.6.
The Tears of the Foot Guards, Upon Their Departure for America: Written by an Ensign of the Army.
The Nature, Spirituality, and Use of the Law. a Sermon, on Rom. VII.9.
Single Mother in Charge: How to Successfully Pursue Happiness
Perceptual and Social Teaching Styles
The Haunch of Venison, a Poetical Epistle to Lord Clare. by the Late Dr. Goldsmith.
The Chocolate Prophesies
A Concertgoers Guide
Justin Timberlake: A Biography
Screening Enlightenment: Hollywood and the Cultural Reconstruction of Defeated Japan
More Teaching Games for Understanding: v. 2: Moving Globally
Reading Texts, Seeking Wisdom: Scripture and Theology
History of Middle New River Settlements and Contiguous Territory
English in Mind Level 1 Teacher's Book Middle Eastern edition
Routledge Handbook of Biomechanics and Human Movement Science
More Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Secondary Mathematics Instruction
Social Change and Politics: 1920-1976
The ESL Writer's Handbook
Writings of Nichiren Shonin: v. 6: Followers
Social Network Structures of Women in Academic Medicine
Patients with Advanced Cancer
International Purchasing Plans and Strategies
Exploring the Impact of Afghan Women's Community Participation
Exploring Retirement and Leisure for Adults
School Based Management Policies and Practices in Indonesia
Psychobiological Predictors of Exercise Behavior
The Missing Dimension in Globalisation
Access to Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission Program
Anetso, the Cherokee Ball Game: At the Center of Ceremony and Identity
Closing the Books: Governor Edward Carstensen on Danish Guinea 1842-50
2009 49 CFR 200-299 (Federal Highway Administration)
Celebration, Or, the Academic Procession to St. James's; An Ode. by Peter Pindar, Esq.
A Poetical Epistle from an Unfortunate Young Lady at Portsmouth to Her Lover. by S. Johnson, M.A. the Second Edition.
A List of Books, Published by the Rev. Dr. Trusler, at the Literary-Press, No.62, Wardour-Street, Soho. 1790.
An Oration, Pronounced at Cambridge, Before the [phi Beta Kappa]. at Their Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 21, 1796. It Being the Day Following the Public Commencement. by Timothy Bigelow.
Some Tender Advice, of a Sober Youth. Published at the Request of His Relations; ...
Free Grace Displayed, in the Conversion of Two Unhappy Prostitutes.
The Fate of Glencoe: An Historical Ballad. by W. Holloway.
Brief Observations Concerning the Management of the War, and the Means to Prevent the Ruin of Great Britain. ... by J. Massie. the Second Edition, with Additions.
A True Collection of Poems on the Several Birth-Days of His Majesty King George, and of Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. from the 1st of March 1724-5, to the 1st of March 1727.
The Bishop of Salisbury His Speech in the House of Lords, on the First Article of the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell
Pug's Reply to Parson Bruin. or a Polemical Conference Occasioned by an Epistle to William Hogarth, Esq; By C. Churchill
Four Lessons and Two Voluntarys for the Harpsichord or Organ Composed by Mr. Samuel Long ...
Alfred the Great; An Oratorio. as Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. the Music Composed by Dr. Arne
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Hereford at the Meeting of the Three Choirs of Worcester Hereford and Gloucester September IX. MDCCLXXXIX. by John Napleton,
Airs, Duetts, Trios, &c. in the New Pantomime of the Choice of Harlequin: Or, the Indian Chief. Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
Israel in Egypt, an Oratorio, or Sacred Drama: As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. the Chorus's Entire, and the Songs from Other the Works of the Late George Frederic Handel, Esq
Information for Alexander Telfer of Symington, Pursuer; Against Charles Duke of Queensberry and Dover, and Mess. Crawfurds and Company, Defenders
Round My House - Notes Of Rural Life In France In Peace And War
Selections From Various Greek Authors, For The First Year In College - With Explanatory Notes, And References To Goodwin's Greek Grammar, And To Hadley's Larger And Smaller Grammars
Modern Scottish Poets. With Biographical And Critical Notices.
Saint Ronan's Well
The Centenary Souvenir - Containing A History Of Centenary Church, Charleston, And An Account Of The Life And Labors
Popular Ballads And Songs, From Tradition, Manuscripts And Scarce Editions; With Translations Of Similar Pieces From The Ancient Danish Language, And A Few Originals By The Editor - Vol 2.
Select Poems Of Coleridge, Wordsworth, Campbell, Longfellow
Mississippi Outlaws And The Detectives - Don Pedro And The Detectives. Poisoner And The Detectives
Beneficial Role of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (Mql) on Machining
Interaction of Low Frequency Sound
Fictionalizing Acts in Writers' Diaries
Morphephonemic Analysis of Names in Ga and Dangme
Aspects of the Morphological Processes of Dangme
Poems, Plays And Miscellaneous Essays.
The Vanity of Mens Laughter, and of Their Merry Amusements in Their Idle Hours. Consider'd in a Sermon Upon Ecclesiastes II. 1,2. by Edward Grove
Christian Submission to Civil Government. a Discourse Preached on January 30, 1780, at the Meeting-House in St. Andrew's, Cambridge. by Robert Robinson. the Third Edition
The Parish Priest. a Poem, Upon a Clergyman Lately Deceas'd.
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, at St. Mary-Le-Bow, on Monday January the 3d, 1725. by ... John, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph
A Letter to the Bishop of Salisbury, Occasion'd by His Lordship's Speech on the First Article of Impeachment Against Dr. Henry Sacheverell
Multi-Family Therapy: Concepts and Techniques
Letter the First Addressed to the Delegates from the Several Congregations of Protestant Dissenters Who Met at Devizes on September 14, 1789. Second Edition, with Additions
The Poetical Works of Richard Savage. in Two Volumes. with the Life of the Author. ... Volume 2 of 2
The Guilt, Mischief and Aggravations of Censure: Set Forth in a Sermon Preach'd in St. George's Chapel, ... on Sunday the 25th of June, 1710. by Tho Goddard, ... the Second Edition.
A Rejoinder to the Reply to the Answer to the Charitable Address of His Grace Edward, Lord Arch-Bishop of Tuam, to All, Who Are of the Communion of the Church of Rome. by C. Nary
Select Parts of Saunderson's Elements of Algebra. for the Use of Students at the Universities. the Fifth Edition; Revised and Corrected by the Rev. John Hellins,
A Compendious System of Natural Philosophy: With Notes Containing the Mathematical Demonstrations, and Some Occasional Remarks. in Four Parts. by J. Rowning, ... Volume 2 of 2
An Introduction to Algebra; With Notes and Observations: ... by John Bonnycastle,
A Compendious System of Natural Philosophy: With Notes Containing the Mathematical Demonstrations, and Some Occasional Remarks. in Four Parts. by J. Rowning, ... Volume 1 of 2
The Fact; Or an Authentic Instance of Daemoniacal Possession Improved: A Sermon. by the Rev'd. Edward Burn,
An Affectionate Address, Intended to Promote the Piety of Young Christians. Second Edition.
British India Analyzed. the Provincial and Revenue Establishments of Tippoo Sultaun and of Mahomedan and British Conquerors in Hindostan, Stated and Considered. in Three Parts. ... Volume 3 of 3
The Inhumanity of Popery. a Sermon Preached at the Cathedral-Church in Hereford, on the Fifth of November, 1716. ... by Da. Jones,
A Discourse on the Late Fast. by Phileleutherus Norfolciensis
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Right Honourable House of Peers, on Tuesday the 29th of May, 1711. ... by Philip, Lord Bishop of St. David's.
The People's Duty Towards Their Pastors. a Sermon Preach'd at the Visitation of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Fox, ... Held at Mitchel-Dean ... the Fifth Day of June, 1716. by Robert Griffith,
The Sin Against the Holy Ghost. a Sermon Preached at the New Jerusalem Temple, in Red-Cross-Street, Near Cripplegate, London, Feb.28, 1796=40, ... by Manoah Sibly,
Tables of Correct and Concise Logarithms; For Numbers, Sines, Tangents, Secants, ... with a Compendious Introduction to Logarithmetic; ... by Samuel Dunn,
Speech of the French King, to the Assembly of Notables, Held at Versailles the 22d of February, 1787. with the Discourse Pronounced by Order of the King, ... by Monsieur Calonne,
A Brief Concordance or Table to the Bible of the Last Translation. ... by MR John Downame,
A Series of Prints of English History, Designed as Ornaments for Those Apartments in Which Children Receive the First Rudiments of Their Education
The Article of the Romish Transubstantiation, Inquired Into, and Disproved, from Sense, Scripture, Antiquity and Reason. by N. Spinckes M.a
Sermons Preached on Several Subjects and Occasions by the Reverend Mr. Patrick Wedderspoon ... to Which Are Prefixed a Preface, and a Small Piece of the Author's Private Devotion
Immunology: Function, Pathology, Diagnostics, and Modulation, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice
A Critical Review of the Political Life of Oliver Cromwell, ...with an Appendix, Containing Some Curious Pieces ... a New Edition
Coherent Stress Testing: A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Financial Stress
Complication and Optimization in Additive Markets
Cambridge Library Collection - Cambridge: Alma Mater 2 Volume Paperback Set: Or, Seven Years at the University of Cambridge
Mine Ventilation Manual
Irish Republican Literature, 1968-1998
The Minister: A Tragedy. in Five Acts. Translated from the German of Schiller, ... by M. G. Lewis,
Women's Role in Plato's Political Theory
Rational Design of Cellular Silica Composites
Sex Trafficking or Shadow Tourism?
Security Dimension of European Integration
Workplace Learning
Sexual Harassment in Public Schools
Essentials of Entrepreneurship
Copy of Memorial of Lieutenant Donovan, (Late British Legion) to His Royal Highness the Commander in Chief.
Statuta Moralia Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensium
Experiments and Observations on the Production of Light from Different Bodies, by Heat and by Attrition... from the Philosophical Transactions
Elements of Exports
On the Goodness of the Supreme Being. a Poetical Essay. by Christopher Smart, ...
Ballycastle Collieries Set in Their Proper Light: With Answers to Several Objections Against the Benefit That May Arise to This Kingdom Thereby
Two Odes
The Late Dreadful Earthquakes No Proof of God's Particular Wrath Against the Portuguese: A Sermon Preached at Litchfield, on Sunday, December 7, 1755. by T. Seward,
Inoculation for the Small Pox, Manifested Not to Be Repugnant to Religion or Reason, ...
An Account of the Vertues, Use, Dose, and Wonderful Manner of Operation of the Pilulae Polychrestae. ...
Yale Classical Studies: Series Number 33: Religion in Republican Italy
The The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication 2 Volume Paperback Set The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication: Volume 2
Cambridge Library Collection - Classics: Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Virgil
An ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields of Oadby, in the County of Leicester, ...
An ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Common and Open Fields in the Parish of Hoby, in the County of Leicester.
Copy of a Letter, Wrote by a Young Shepherd, to His Friend, in Borrowdale. a New Edition. to Which Is Added, a Glossary of the Cumberland Words.
A Bill for Repairing the Road Leading from Oundle, in the County of Northampton, to Alconbury Cum Weston, in the County of Huntingdon; ...
To Learn to Sing, Observe These Rules
An ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Commons or Waste Grounds, Called Cuddington, or Bryn Common, Within the Township of Cuddington with Bryn, in the Parish of Weverham, in the County of Chester.
A Plan of Female Education, by J. Rice
The Lost Sheep, Piece of Silver, and Prodigal Son. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in the County of Antrim in Ireland. in the Year 1750. by John Cennick. the Second Edition
An ACT for Dividing and Inclosing the Common, Open, and Arable, Fields, Meadows, and Waste Grounds, in the Hamlet of Hinton, in the Parish of Woodford Cum Membris, in the County of Northampton.
Profile of Criminal Incidents at School: Results from the 2003-05 National Crime Victimization Survey Crime Incident Report
Of an Oath. a Short Account of the Nature and Obligation of an Oath, and the Dreadful Consequences of Perjury in This World and in That Which Is to Come. by the Rev. D. G.
Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust
An Address to the People of Great-Britain, on the Propriety of Abstaining from West-India Sugar and Rum. [Eight Lines from Cowper's Negro's Complaint] the Ninth Edition.
Cookie Comes Home
The Shackleton Letters: Behind the Scenes of the Nimrod Expedition
Speech of Mr. Sheridan, in the House of Commons, on Friday the 21st of April, 1798, on the Motion to Address His Majesty, on the Present Alarming State of Affairs.
An Account of Some Druidical Remains in Derbyshire. in a Letter to the Right Honourable Frederick Montagu, F.A.S. by Hayman Rooke, Esq. F.A.S. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, March 13, 1794.
Attic Nights.
Hard Knots In Shakespeare
Along Came A Soldier
Nebador Book Two: Journey
Mathematical Drawing Instruments, And How To Use Them
Strategies Program Your Mind for Success
Metrical Translations From Sanskrit Writers - With An Introduction, Many Prose Versions, And Parallel Passages From Classical Authors
Familiar Science Studies
A Letter from a Presbyterian in Dublin to His Friend in Scotland.
Sir John Vanbrugh's Justification, of What He Depos'd in the Duchess of Marlborough's Late Tryal.
Marwnad AR Y Parchedig Mr. William Davies O Gastell Nedd; Yr Hwn a Ymadawodd A'r Byd, Ddydd Gwener Y 17 O Awst, 1787. Yn Y Driugeinfed Flwyddyn O'i Oed, ... Gan William Williams.
The Recorder's Speech: With the Principles of the Whigs Defended. by a Lover of His Country.
The Representation of the Loyal Subjects of Albinia.
An Occasional Sermon, Preached at the Two Hemingfords, on Sunday 24th February, 1793, ... by C. Dickens, ... and May Be Had of the Preacher, Gratis.
Polemo-Middinia Inter Vitarvam Et Nibernam.
Books Printed for John Hooke, at the Flower-De-Luce Against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street.
The Life and Death of St. George, the Noble Champion of England.
A Discourse of Ejaculatory Prayer, Recommending the Duty and Advantage of It in the Christian Life. by John Walrond. the Third Edition, Enlarged
A Letter to a Friend. Concerning the Infallibility of the Church of Christ. in Answer to a Late Pamphlet, Entitled, an Humble Address to the Jesuits, by a Dissatisfied Roman-Catholic
Religious and Prudential Maxims Collected from the Sacred Scriptures and Other Writings. for the Use of Young Persons. the Second Edition; Enlarged.
An Elegy Written Among the Ruins of an Abbey. by the Author of the Nun. the Second Edition.
The True Gospel of Christ; Or, a Plain Answer to That Important Question, What Shall I Do to Be Saved? ... by William Eltringham,
The Wisdom of Integrity. a Sermon Preach'd at St. Saviour's Southwark, for the Reverend Dr. Henry Sacheverell, on Sunday, May 6. 1711. by Pawlet St. John, ... the Third Edition
Three Sermons Preached Before the University of Cambridge, Occasioned by an Attempt to Abolish Subscription to the XXXIX Articles of Religion; ... by Samuel Hallifax, ... the Second Edition.
Papyrus Leaves - Poems, Stories, And Essays.
Nursery Tales, Traditions, And Histories Of The Zulus, In Their Own Words, With A Translation Into English, And Notes - Vol. I
Black's Guide To The Channel Islands - Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, And Adjacent Islets
Historic China And Other Sketches
Sesame And Lilies - Three Lectures Delivered In 1864 And 1868.
The History Of Egypt; From The Earliest Accounts Of That Country, Till The Expulsion Of The French From Alexandria, In The Year 1801 - Vol 1.
Life And Letters Of James Hinton.
Joseph Chaikin and the Winter Project
The Elements Of Arithmetic - For Intermediate, Grammar, And Common Schools
The Influence of Culture on the Design of National Taxation Systems
Apostles of Modernity: Saint-Simonians and the Civilizing Mission in Algeria
Determinants of Electronic Commerce Adoption
Organisational Management and Strategy
Data Warehousing with Service-Oriented Architecture
Cybercrime Investigation
Epistemological Obstacles in Understanding the Idea of Limit
Redox Proteomics
The Posthumous Works of Jeremiah Seed, M.A. ... in Two Volumes. Published from the Author's Original Manuscripts. by Joseph Hall, ... Vol. II. Volume 2 of 2
A Tour Through Sicily and Malta. in a Series of Letters to William Beckford, Esq. of Somerly in Suffolk; From P. Brydone, ... the Third Edition, Corrected. Volume 2 of 2
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 5 of 5
Hermathen], or Moral Emblems, and Ethnick Tales, with Explanatory Notes; Vol.1. by F. Tolson ... Volume 1 of 1
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 8 of 12
The Poetical Works of Richard Savage. in Two Volumes. with the Life of the Author. ... Volume 1 of 2
Modern Infidelity Considered with Respect to Its Influence on Society: In a Sermon, Preached at the Baptist Meeting, Cambridge. by Robert Hall, A.M.
Individualism and Community in Teaching and Learning
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. by William Paley, ... the Seventh Edition, Corrected. Volume 1 of 2
A Compassionate Call, and Hand Reached Forth in Tender Gospel Love, to All Such Persons, as Having Once Made Profession of the Blessed Truth, ... by David Hall
The Good Christian Never Dies. a Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St. Andrew Undershaft, at the Funeral of William Berriman, D.D. February 10, 1749. by Glocester Ridley, ... the Fifth Edition
The Danger and Mischiefs of Popery, Set Forth by ... Edmund Gibson, ... in His Fifth Pastoral Letter
The Oracle: Or, a Short Panegyric on Mr. Peter Edwards's Most Admirable Defence of Infant Sprinkling. by John of Enon
Prov. XIV. 34. Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, But Sin Is the Reproach of Any People. a Sermon Preached at Lisbon, ... April 24, N.S. 1746. by the Revd. Stavely Parker,
An Essay Towards Making the Knowledge of Religion Easy to the Meanest Capacity. Being a Short and Plain Account of the Doctrines and Rules of Christianity. by the Most Rev. Dr. Edward Synge, ...
History and the Enlightenment
Of the Use of Publick Instruction: A Sermon Preached at the Visitation in the Parish-Church of Great Torrington in Devonshire, on Monday, April 10, 1738. by Richard White, ...
50 Years Of Anderson Localization
Socioemotional Development in the Toddler Years: Transitions and Transformations
VCP VMware Certified Professional vSphere 4 Study Guide (Exam VCP410) with CD-ROM
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 11 of 11
The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets; With Critical Observations on Their Works. by Samuel Johnson. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 4
The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets; With Critical Observations on Their Works. by Samuel Johnson. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 1 of 4
Discourses Concerning the Being and Natural Perfections of God, in Which That First Principle of Religion, the Existence of the Deity, Is Prov'd, ... by John Abernethy, M.A. Volume 2 of 2
A Tour Through Sicily and Malta. in a Series of Letters to William Beckford, Esq. of Somerly in Suffolk; From P. Brydone, ... the Third Edition, Corrected. Volume 1 of 2
The History of the Life and Times of Cardinal Wolsey, Prime Minster to King Henry VIII. ... Volume 2 of 4
Voices without Votes
The Attic: Fear (Experiences)
Prekarit t ALS Chance Und Barriere Der Weiblichkeit (Interviewanalyse)
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 8 of 8
Anforderungen an Nachwuchsfuhrungskrafte in Den Unternehmungen
Benjamin Graham on Investing
To be a Dragonet is Terrific!
The Corps of Discovery: Staff Ride Handbook for the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Protein Production in Terms of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology
Flux Profile Modeling Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Get Her Back! (Demontech)
Future Internet Architectures
The Effect of Urine Proteins on Calcium Oxalate Crystallization
The Rights of the House of Austria to the Spanish Succession. Published by Order of His Imperial Majesty, and Translated from the Original Printed at Vienna
Certificates of the Efficacy of Doctor Perkins's Patent Metallic Instruments.
A Proposal for a Regular and Useful Militia.
Carta Libertatum Angliae; Sive Magna Carta Regis Johannis: Ex Autographo Cottoniano.
Wittenham-Hill, a Poem.
Acis and Galatea, a Masque. as Performed at Oxford. Set to Music by Mr. Handel.
Memorial for Roderick MacCulloch of Glastulich, Against Charles Monro of Culrain, Pursuer
The Duty and Advantage of Early Rising
The Pope's Letter to the King of France, to Prevent the Growth of Schism. with Explanatory Notes
The Impact of Educators' Emotional Intelligence on Managing Change
From Optical Magnetism to Super-Resolution
Semantical Retrieval of Natural Photographic and Medical Images
Administrative Reform in Post-War Lebanon
Zac Power Test Drive Slipcase With Figurine
Asynchronous Stochastic Learning Curve
Transport and Tourism
Optimization at Conceptual Design Stage with Morphological Indicators
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Prehistoric Settlements on the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea
An Investigation Into Some Measures of Manufacturing Performance
The Million Dollar Breed - The American Bull Terrier
Ancient Stone Crosses Of England - 1875
Wood-Block Printing - A Description Of The Craft Of Woodcutting And Colour Printing Based On The Japanese Practice
Chess In Iceland And In Icelandic Literature - With Historical Notes On Other Table-Games.
Hepatobili re Und Pankreastumoren: Interdisziplin res Vorgehen
A Record Of Buddhistic Kingdoms Being An Account By The Chinese Monk Fa-Hien Of His Travels In India And Ceylon (A.D. 399-414)
The Egyptian Campaigns, 1882 To 1885, And The Events Which Led To Them. Vol. I.
Reunion in Carmel
Indonesian: A Comprehensive Grammar
Managing Performance in Construction
The Dark Side of Management
Finite Element Analysis and Programming: An Introduction
Law and Ethics in Children's Nursing
The Machinery of Whiteness: Studies in the Structure of Racialization
Piety, Benevolence, and Loyalty, Recommended. a Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge, January the 30th, 1784. ... by Peter Peckard, ... Volume 1 of 1
Encouragement for Babes in the Church. a Sermon Preached at the New Jerusalem Temple, in Red-Cross-Street, Near Cripplegate, London, Jan. 24, 1796=40, ... by Manoah Sibly,
Honesty and Plain-Dealing an Usual Bar to Honour and Preferment. a Sermon Preach'd at St. Mary's Before the University of Oxford, Upon Act-Sunday July IX. 1710. by Thomas Coney, ... the Third Edition
An Enquiry Into the Causes of the Decay of the Dissenting Interest. in a Letter to a Dissenting Minister. the Second Edition.
A Companion to the Altar: Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation,
Short Sermons, Designed for the Use of Those, Who Have But Little Time or Inclination to Read Longer Discourses. by Thomas T. Biddulph, A.M. the Fifth Edition, Corrected and Enlarged
The Linsey-Woolsey Garment. Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered at Drumargen in the County of Antrim, in Ireland, in the Year 1754. by John Cennick. the Third Edition
Sunday Reading. on Carrying Religion Into the Common Business of Life
Mining and Blasting Techniques
A Sermon Preach'd Before Queen Mary at White-Hall, on Easter Day, March 27. 1692. by ... John Lord Archbishop of York.
An Historical And Descriptive Account Of Iceland, Greenland, And The Faroe Islands; With Illustrations Of Their Natural History.
Male Attitude Toward Domestic Violence
The Spectrum of Mineral and Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
Media, Structures, and Power: The Robert E. Babe Collection
101 More Favorite Play Therapy Techniques
101 Favorite Play Therapy Techniques
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions and Self-Similar Solutions
The Christian's Magazine, or Treasure. Containing, a Choice Collection of Many Remarkable Passages Upon Several Important Religious Subjects, ... by James Mauclerc,
The Works of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr. Joseph Stennett. Vol. III. Containing Twelve Sermons, Never Before Published. with an Alphabetical Index of Matters. Volume 3 of 4
Something Old. Something New.
Sermons on the Divinity of Christ. by Robert Hawker, ...
Application of EC Freedoms Horizontally
An Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy; With Observations on the Mistakes of Some Travellers, with Regard to That Country. by Joseph Baretti. ... Volume 1 of 2
A Review of Dr. Zachary Grey's Defence of Our Ancient and Modern Historians. ... by the Author of the Critical History of England, Ecclesiastical and Civil, &c
The Works of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr. Joseph Stennett. Vol. IV. Containing His Poems and Letters on Various Subjects. Volume 4 of 4
The History and Antiquities of Naseby, in the County of Northampton. by the Rev. John Mastin,
A Manual Of Ancient History
Discourses Preached Before the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn, by the Assistant-Preacher, Robert Nares,
Memoirs Of Margaret Baxter - Daughter Of Francis Charlton And Wife Of Richard Baxter - With Some Account Of Her Mother, Mrs Hammer; Including A True Delineation Of Her Character.
366 Menus And 1200 Recipes Of The Baron Brisse In French And English
A Manual Of Greek Historical Inscriptions
A Year-Book Of Therapeutics, Pharmacy And Allied Sciences
Short Comments For Use In Family Worship, On Seventy-Five Passages In The Books Of Exodus And Leviticus, And The First Ten Chapters Of The Book Of Numbers.
Reason And Revelation - Being An Examination Into The Nature And Contents Of Scripture Revelation As Compared With Other Forms Of Truth.
A Book About The Theater
A Concise Sketch of the Intended Revolution, in England; With a Few Hints on the Obvious Methods to Avert It
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, at St. Mary-Le-Bow, on Monday, January the 2d, MDCCXVI. by Hugh Boulter,
The Religious Constitution of Colleges, Especially of Yale-College in New-Haven in the Colony of Connecticut. by Thomas Clap, A.M. President of Yale-College
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Robert Blackwell, Only Son of the Deceased MR George Blackwell Minister of the Gospel at Bathgate,
A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of Farringdon, Berks, on Sunday November the 6th, 1757; Occasioned by the Death of William Pye, ... by John Taylour,
A Letter to the Congregation Meeting Near the Maze-Pond, Southwark
Urban ECO Chic
Alfred the Great; An Oratorio. as Perform'd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. the Music Compos'd by Mr. Arne
Monasteries Transformed
The Ass: Or, the Serpent. a Comparison Between the Tribes of Issachar and Dan, in Their Regard for Civil Liberty. November 5, 1712. by Thomas Bradbury. [three Lines from Job]
The Response of E. Coli to the Biocide Polyhexamethylene Biguanide
Supporting Maintainable Exception Handling with Explicit Channels
Syntax of Locative Inverstion and Related Constructions in Setswana
Ethnicity and Health Care Delivery
Graduate Overeducation in Australia
Preparing Teachers for Realistic Mathematics Education Implementation
Finnish and Russian Corporate Communication Comparison
Sequence Stratigraphy Petrography and Age of Chilga Sediments
Functions, Spaces, and Expansions: Mathematical Tools in Physics and Engineering
Equine Nutrition and Feeding
War Massacre and Recovery in Central Italy, 1943-1948
An Essay, with Relation to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Being a Friendly Examination of Two Funeral Discourses: Publish'd by Mr. Peter Belbin. ... by John Grant
A Sermon Preach'd at the Consecration of the Chappel of St. Catherine, in Canvy Isle in the County of Essex, on the 11th of June, 1712. by Samuel Hilliard,
A Modest Apology for Priestcraft, as Now Commonly Practised Among the Gentiles. with a Small Dissertation Concerning Jure Divino, Tests, Creeds, and Confessions of Faith. by a Christian
[the Great Concern of All Mankind, and Moses's Wish or Desire of God. Two Sermons]
A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Reverend John Hughes, A.M. Fellow of Jesus-College, Cambridge, ... by Tho. Croft, ...
A Call to Backsliders. a Sermon on Psalm LXXVII. 7, 8. by John Wesley, M.A. the Second Edition
Remarks Upon Several Passages of Scripture: Rectifying Some Errors in the Printed Hebrew Text; ... by Matthew Pilkington,
The History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. in Three Volumes. the Third Edition. Volume 1 of 3
La Pucelle; Or, the Maid of Orleans: A Poem, in XXI Cantos. from the French of M. de Voltaire. with the Author's Preface and Original Notes. ... Volume 1 of 2
The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets, with Critical Observations on Their Works. by Samuel Johnson. a New Edition, Corrected. in Four Volumes. ... Volume 3 of 4
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 10 of 10
Interesting Anecdotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, and Poetical Fragments, Tending to Amuse the Fancy, and Inculcate Morality. by Mr. Addison. Volume 12 of 12
The Institutions, Manners, and Customs of the Ancient Nations. Translated from the Original French of Mr. Sabbathier. by Percival Stockdale. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
Camille a Fait Un Cauchemar
Researching and Understanding Educational Networks
Quitter Le Monde
Camille Part En Vacances
L'Amour Est a la Lettre A
The Lord's Thirst on the Cross, and Laying Down His Life. a Sermon Preached at the New Jerusalem Temple, in Red-Cross-Street, Near Cripplegate, London, April 14, 1794=38, ... by Manoah Sibly,
Un Amour Vintage
Internet for Teacher Professional Development
Jeune Styliste 2 Expert
Central Bank: Financial Stability and Financial Development
Re-Engaging Learners in Schooling Through Applied Learning Reform
Achieving Competitive Advantage in Hybrid Relationship Businesses
The Dilemma of Corruption in Southeast Asia
Irregular Computations on Fine-Grain Multithreaded Architecture
Transition and Acculturation
The Reasons for Writing Against the Bishop of Salisbury. with Remarks Upon His Lordship's Spittal-Sermon Preached on Easter-Monday Last. by Mr. Sewell.
A Model Experimental System for Studying Acute Prenatal Experience
The Experience of Student Engagement in High School Classrooms
Literature and the Science of the Unknowable
Wild Work - The Story Of The Red River Tragedy
The Hunter And The Trapper In North America; Or, Romantic Adventures In Field And Forest - From The French Of Benedict Revoil
The White Hoods - An Historical Romance
Viola - Or, Life In The Northwest
The Wonders Of Water - From The French Of Gaston Tissandier
The Story Of The Jews - Ancient, Mediaeval, And Modern.
Voices Of The Faith.
The Household History Of The United States And Its People - For Young Americans.
Send Out Your Spirit: A Confirmation Candidate's Handbook for Faith: Leader's Manual
Surveillance, Privacy, and the Globalization of Personal Information: International Comparisons
Spirited Commitment: The Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation
A Sermon Preach'd at the Assizes Held at Hertford, on Monday, March 21, 1714/15. ... by George Shuckburgh,
A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Caleb Evans of Bristol; Occasioned by His Two Sermons on the Deity of the Son and Holy Spirit
The Lawfulness of Wishing Destruction to the King's Enemies. a Sermon Preach'd in the Parish-Church of St. George, in Southwark, on Thursday, October 9, 1746. ... by Thomas Wingfield, ...
The Case of Naboth Consider'd, and Compar'd with That of the Royal Martyr. a Sermon Preach'd Before the ... Lord-Mayor, ... at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, ... by John Berriman,
The Wonderful Works of God, an Obligation to Continual Gratitude: A Sermon Preach'd at Little St. Helen's ... Upon the First of August, 1727. ... by Edward Godwin.
Twisted Society: Engineered Chaos
Lonergan's Discovery of the Science of Economics
A Handbook of Canadian Public Administration
Personal Networks: Wireless Networking for Personal Devices
The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 40: The World's Toughest Rally in Retrospect
Representing African Americans in Transatlantic Abolitionism and Blackface Minstrelsy: Poems
Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics B Student Book
Super Surprise!: 2: Course Book
Brain and Reading Process
Discordant Notes
Hedging in the Structure of Mathematical Discourse
Image Processing Using Punctual Kriging and Machine Learning
Knowledge and Charity Considered, Separate, and United. in a Sermon Preach'd at Nottingham July 16, 1732. by S. Wright, D.D
Analysis of Composite Structure of Vaulting Pole
Toxicite Cutanee Chronique Des Inhibiteurs Du Recepteur A L'Egf
The Aid Triangle: Recognizing the Human Dynamics of Dominance, Justice and Identity
Urban Youth and Schooling
The Doctrine of the Blessed and Adorable Trinity, Stated from the Holy Scriptures. with a Brief Discovery of Some Unsound ... Opinions, Vented by Mr. John Simpson, ...
A Sermon Preached Before an Assembly of Protestant Dissenting Ministers, in Exeter, May 10th, 1786. by Joseph Bretland. ...
Deliverance from Death. Being the Substance of a Discourse Preached at Kingswood, Sunday, March 25, 1753. by John Cennick, ...
An Essay on the Usefulness and Necessity of Theological Learning, to Those Who Are Designed for Holy Orders, by Herbert Marsh, ...
Salvation from Popish Counsels, and a Popish Prince the Joy of Britain. a Sermon Preach'd on the Fifth of November, in the Year, 1717. ... by S. Wright
The Prisoner's Companion; Containing Religious and Moral Advice, Adapted to Persons in Solitary Confinement.
A Challenge Sent by the Lord of Hosts to the Chief of Sinners: Considered in a Sermon Upon Amos IV.12. Together with an Hymn Suited to the Subject. by David Bradberry.
Bond's Anthems.
Murder Will Out: Or, the Heinous Guilt of Murder and Assasination Laid Open, in a Sermon Upon the 5th of November 1717.
A Letter to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Chichester. Occasion'd by His Lordship's Sermon on January 30. 1732. the Third Edition.
Dead Men Flying
Intrusion Detection and Response Techniques for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Supervising the Reflective Practitioner: An Essential Guide to Theory and Practice
God with Us. a Sermon Preach'd at St. Giles's Church in the Fields: On Sunday in the Afternoon, May 19th, 1706. ... by Tho. Knaggs,
The Kushite Cemetery of Sanam: A Non-royal Burial Ground of the Nubian Capital, C.800-600 BC
Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings: Mechanical Properties
Education, Politics and Religion: Reconciling the Civil and the Sacred in Education
Amazing People of Sydney
Chernoff Faces
Wendy and the Killer Whale
Dark Eyes Don't Bite
Blaze the Dragon
The Angry Little Bear
Biomechanics: The Nucleus of Physiotherapy
Tom of Bedlam's Answer to His Brother Ben Hoadly, ...

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